Gerald W. Haslam
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Many Californias

Literature from the Golden State
second edition 1999

Winner of the Benjamin Franklin award

*Asterisks indicate excerpts from longer works.
Titles of poems are enclosed in quotation marks.


Native Voices
Hispanic California
American Incursion and the Gold Rush
Richard Henry Dana
Louisa Smith Clapp
    Life at the Mines*
John Rollin Ridge
Bret Harte
    "The Society Upon the Stanislaus"
    "Dickens in Camp"
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
    Baker’s Blue-Jay Yarn
Ambrose Bierce
    The Bubble Reputation


Greater Bay Area

Jack London
    South of the Slot
Frank Norris
Ina Coolbrith
    "The California Poppy"
Joaquin Miller
    "Dead in the Sierras"
Edwin Markham
    "The Man with the Hoe"
Toshio Mori
    Slant-Eyed Americans


Helen Hunt Jackson
    Sheep-Shearing Time"
Harry Leon Wilson
    Out There Where Men
      Are Men
Lawrence Clark Powell
    Land of Boyhood
Hildegarde Flanner
    "Noon on Alameda Street"
    "The Snake at Shingle Springs"
Ross Macdonald
    In the First Person


William Saroyan
    Guggenheim’s Water Tower, Fresno, 1921
John Steinbeck
    The Squatters’ Camps*
William Everson
    "The Residual Years"
    "Muscat Pruning"
    "Winter Plowing
Arnold Rojas
    The Watch

Wilderness California, 116

John Muir
    The Range of Light*
Mary Hunter Austin
    My Neighbor’s Field*
Robinson Jeffers
    "Autumn Evening"
    "Hurt Hawks"

Fantasy California

Garci Ordóñez de Montalvo
    An Island Called California
Walt Whitman
    "Facing West from California’s Shores"
Nathanael West


Allen Ginsberg
    "A Supermarket in California"
Jack Kerouac
    Dharma Bums*
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Kenneth Rexroth
    "Spring Rain"
Robert Duncan
    "My Mother Would Be a Falconress"
Bob Kaufman
    “I Have Folded My Sorrows"


Gary Snyder
    "Above Pate Valley"
    "Hay for the Horses"
Carolyn See
    The Opium of the People*
Robert Hass
    "On the Coast Near Sausalito"
    "Palo Alto: The Marshes"
Joan Didion
    Los Angeles Notebook*
Floyd Salas
    "To Sergie My Sweet Old Dog Who Died in Old Age"
    "Wyoming Is an Indian Name"
Maxine Hong Kingston
    The American Father
Cyra McFadden
    Dealing with the Whole Child*
Leonard Nathan
    "Crop Dusting"
    "Fields in Light"
Wallace Stegner
    Coming Of Age: The End of the Beginning1
Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel
    "Letter from a Friend in Monterey"
    "Dead Valley Town"
    "Sleeping in a Truck"
Hisaye Yamamoto
    My Father Can Beat Muhammad Ali
Gerald Locklin
    "The Best Year of Her Life"
    "happy hour"
Luis Valdez
    Soldado Razo
Wanda Coleman
    The Screamer
Leonard Gardner
    The Tomato Field*
Gary Soto
    "Thinking Like a Kid"
    "A Red Palm"
Gina Berriault
    Wilderness Fire
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
    Grocery Shopping with Aunt Geeta
Al Young
    "The Art of Benny Carter"
    "In Marin Again"
    "A Sunday Sonnet for My Mother’s Mother"
Kate Braverman
    "10 PM"
    " You Ask About Madness"
Gerald Haslam
Charles Bukowski
    "a radio with guts"
    "the red porsche"
    "eulogy to a hell of a dame—"
Molly Giles
    The Planter Box
Ella Leffland
    The Linden Tree
David Mas Masumoto
Diane Wakoski
    "The Ring"
    "The Photos"
Oakley Hall
    San Francisco 1: Mary Temple*
Jarnes D. Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, and John Korty
    Farewell to Manzanar*
Amy Tan
    Two Vignettes
Richard Rodriguez
    America’s Wild Child

The Fresno Poets

Victor Martínez
    "Don’t Forget"
DeWayne Rail
    "Death of a Hog"
Dixie Salazar
Jon Veinberg
    "Last Shot"
Ernesto Trejo
    "Today I’ll Sit Still"
Roberta Spear
Luis Omar Salinas
    "My Fifty-Plus Years Celebrate Spring"