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The Lake That Will Not Die

Tulare is a lost lake, a California fairy-tale of old, a place long vanished... but, sometimes, this ghost still re-appears.


Charles' attempt to learn about his cultural past proved to be a bit... bumpy.
Originally appeared in 'Voices of a Place' [1987].

Arnold R. Rojas, Vaquero

Recapturing our Hispanic past.
Originally appeared in 'Voices of a Place' [1987].

Flag Pins, Slavery, and the Politics of Image

Contrived images replace ideals in politics.
First published in 'The Bakersfield Californian' for March 3, 2012.

Another California

Native world - Anglo world = reality.
First published in 'That Constant Coyote: California Stories' [1990], winner of Josephine Miles Award.

A California Family

Haslam explains/explores his culturally braided family heritage.
Originally published in 'CATE' of June/July 1986.

The Estero

An old man, a dog, and a link to the sea all merge in this coming-of-age tale.
Originally published in 'The Man Who Cultivated Fire' [1987], and later included in 'That Constant Coyote' [1990].

Rejection Slips: A Balm for Writers and as Certain as Death

"I've developed some strategies that alleviate [...] the discomfort of rejections."
Originally published in the June/July 1986 issue of 'Coda'.

Hawk's Flight: An American Fable

A young boy captured by savages.
First published in 'That Constant Coyote: California Stories' [1990], winner of Josephine Miles Award.

Prostate Cancer Can Be Conquered With Help From More Foot Soldiers

"I'd always planned to retire at 60, just not under these circumstances..." Male hesitation to seek help is slowing the quest for cures.
Originally published in the 'San Francisco Chronicle' for November 3, 2000.

What Horton Hatched

Horton hatched a lazy bird's egg, but that most certainly isn't all...
Originally appeared in "A Free Library In This City" [1996], by Peter Booth Wiley.


Why do we play football? It is a controlled experience of the 'warrior tradition.'
Originally appeared in "Coming of Age in California" [1990].

The Great X-mas Controversy

Whoever said, "Rednecks don't have hearts"?
Originally from "The Great Tejon Club Jubilee" [1996].