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The Gallery

Here we present a gallery of pictures and illustrations related to Gerald Haslam and his works. Many are personal photos that ended up in/on his books, or that fill in a bit of his life and history... and there are a few surprises as well. Enjoy!

Brent Foster's Art for 'Okies: Selected Stories'

The third edition of Gerald Haslam's book 'Okies' featured art by Brent Foster; and three of the originals are still owned by the Haslam family. Have a look!

Hawk Flights: Original Cover Art

It's seen better days, but it's a piece of art the Haslam family values.

Los Angeles Times, November 7, 1977

Gerald Haslam hits the news in regard to his 'Okie Studies Project.'

Gerald Haslam, with Uncle Pete and Cousin Melinda, 1949

Featured on the cover of the first edition of "Okies," it's Gerald Haslam around 12 years old!

Gerald Haslam and Richmond Barber, November 26, 1959

Gerald Haslam and friend after a rough -- but fun -- Thanksgiving Day game.