The Great Tejon Club Jubilee

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In the tradition of Mark Twain and Will Rogers, Gerald Haslam's redoubtable Tejon-Club Gang returns the tall-tale and the bumpkin-humor traditions to their proper places in American letters ... where ever that is! The gang manages to poke holes in social trends and elitist assumptions -- and in their own prejudices -- while bumbling from one beer-fueled misadventure to the next.

Thirteen short stories -- plus a disclaimer by the narrator -- introduce readers to these Good Ol' Boys who live and work in California's Great Central Valley.

Reviewer's Comments

"And for a laugh, page after page, you can't do better than this book of good ol' boy stories."
— South Valley Arts

"Haslam's fictional characters are based on real people, and that authenticity is what makes these stories great."
— Jennifer Joseph, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"This book is a lighthearted set of fourteen short stories that are nothing short of hilarious."
— Da [Amazon Books review]

"Great blue collar humor. Humor based on another time and another place, the California Central Valley 50 years ago, and loaded with insights of the working class there.
Amazon Books review

"A five star book. Stories of a time and place that are very well told. A very good read. Highly Recommended.
— Jerry L. Gibbon [Amazon Books review]


The Great Tejon Club Jubilee was published by Devil Mountain Books in 1996. Devil Mountain Books is no longer in business; but copies of Great Tejon Club Jubilee are available through Amazon as either the original book, or as an eBook [Click Here!].