Many Californias: Literature from the Golden State

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Winner of the Benjamin Franklin award

As editor Haslam divides the state into five regions, selecting prose and poetry from each that reflects their history, terrain, and culture. Many Califonias features sixty-seven authors ranging from Jack London to Maxine Hong Kingston, making it the most diverse general-interest anthology available.

Reviewer's Comments

"Many Californias lives up to the promise of its title, united writers from various ethnic, historic, regional, and philosophical corners of the state."
     — San Francisco Chronicle

"A comprehensive look at the works—and writers—that contribute to [California's] lush literary landscape."
     — Oakland Tribune

"The whole book is in essence a sampler of the humanity within the state . . . Thanks to writer and anthologist Gerald Haslam, [our stories] have been recognized and are being told."
     — California English


Many Californias: Literature from the Golden State was published by The University of Nevada Press in 2014, and is still available from them [Click Here!].