Gerald W. Haslam
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Voices of a Place

Social and Literary Essays from the Other California

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What is life like in the Other California, the regions of the Golden State where toil not tennis characterizes each day? This collection of ten essays explores blue-collar existence in out-of-the-way places and suggests unique textures in California's life, their savor and sorrow.

Mexican-American farm workers struggle to escape the cycle of agricultural peonage in King City, the progeny of migrant Okies edge into the middle class in Bakersfield, and self-appointed "sheriffs" patrol Petaluma. Meanwhile, elitist rich and desperate poor, white and nonwhite, urban and rural, Californians all, learn to live together, or don't. This is Gerald Haslam's world.

Acknowledgment is made to the editors of the Nation, the Californians, Bakersfield Lifestyle, Western American Literature, Pacific Discovery, and California English, where some of the essays in this collection originally appeared.

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Haslam is the foremost contemporary commentator on 'the Other California'—the state's rural and small town areas, especially the Great Central Valley. — Gerald Locklin,Calfornia State University at Long Beach

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