Hawk Flights: Visions of the West

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Illustrations by Morine A. Stanley.

From the back of the book:

"These stories by Gerald Haslam illustrate the author's continued expansion of the range of both subjects and techniques in the short story. Haslam's writing is regional without being parochial. As Lawrence Clayton has observed, 'He sings the song of the West, but it is not a traditional ballad. Instead it is the howl of the wind fraying the nerves of the complacent, the slap that awakens the dreamer.'"


Hawk Flights: Visions of the West was published by Seven Buffalos Press in 1983. Copies of Hawk Flights are available through Amazon [Click Here!].

The cover of the book involved two more Haslams; Gerald Haslam's son Garth drew the title, and Gerald Haslam's wife Jan drew the desert scene and hawk! For a view of the original art (in a somewhat aged form), Click Here!