Okies: Selected Stories

Publication Date: 
1973, 1975


Honorable Mention Joseph Henry Jackson Award, 1973

1975 Peregrine Smith edition (the orange cover) features illustrations by Brent Foster.

Those who fled to California from the Oklahoma dust bowl of the 1930’s as children -- and their children who were born in California, as well -- are the "Okies". Poor, culturally diverse, and discriminated against, these people struggle against the fearful elite, against one another, and with their own capacities for love and hate.

Reviewer's Comments

"Gerald Haslam’s 'Okies' captures the reader immediately. Scenes and characterization suggest a vision that is sympathetic and affirmative, realistic and unafraid. The conclusion, for this reader, is that Haslam’s short stories are both powerful and delightful."
     -- Max Westbrook


Okies: Selected Stories was first published in 1973 by New West Publications, and a second edition was released by them in 1974. In 1975 a third edition was released by Peregrine Smith, Inc., and this edition features illustrations by Brent Foster. All three editions are very hard to find now.

The first and second editions featured a picture on the cover of a 12-year-old Gerald Haslam standing in a cottonfield with his Uncle Pete Epp, and his young cousin Melinda. For a better view, Click Here.